The water

We fish the cold water sections of Michigan's Ausable River. Predominately focusing on the Trophy Waters below Mio dam, anglers can find a variety of opportunities. The Trophy Waters section is capable of producing the "fish of a lifetime", as well as a pleasant day catching teen length fish on dries, nymphs, or streamers.

Late fall, winter, and early spring are streamer time. Preferred size and color vary daily, if not hourly for these fish. Dry fly season starts generally in May as the water warms, with headline hatches of hendricksons, then sulphurs, with a variety of stoneflies, olives, and other dries to make things interesting. In June, the big bugs start with brown drakes, isonychia, and finally the hexes. July and August round out with a variety of smaller flies, terrestrials, and hopper/dropper opportunities until the ephoron (white fly) hatch in late August and September.

Water temperature plays a huge role in the fishing success during the summer, as Mio dam is a top discharge dam and temps can get dangerously high. When temps approach, or surpass 70 degrees, fishing is not recommended as trout get stressed and struggle to recover after being caught. At these times, going after warm water species is recommended, and can be spectacular. The Ausable, and it's impoundments provide great opportunities for smallmouth and largemouth bass.