Your Guide

Rob Ramage

Rob Ramage is a lifelong fisherman and has been flyfishing the Ausable river for over 40 years. He developed the passion for fishing in general from his father, and for flyfishing from his grandfather.

At times a tournament bass fisherman, Rob spends as much time on the water as his profession allows him. A 37 year veteran of public education, Rob serves as assistant principal in a large high school. Having weekends and summers free to fish, Michigan provided many rivers, in addition to the Ausable, to hone his flyfishing skills and knowledge. Backpacking and fishing trips to Montana, Colorado, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania all fueled his passion to catch fish, as well as help others to learn flyfishing.

Besides fishing, Rob enjoys pontoon rides with his wife Pam, waterfowl hunting, and chasing upland birds, especially grouse, with his boykin spaniel Josie. Spend the day in Rob's boat and you will certainly hear about much of it.